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illustration student & cyborg wannabe. kinda soft under this hard candy exterior. ♥ punk sci fi, video games, visual culture, neon lights at night.

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Because of how Tumblr is architected they can’t allow switching of main blogs, but since I can’t use personal share stuff while my main blog is my concept art blog I’m switching to a new account (and I’m going to be slowly moving everything over, including the ruby saturna concept art blog)

if you didn’t notice the URL for this account is now, so will still take you to the (new) correct place ♥ belovedlights is my new username if you hadn’t guessed.

haha well i really like the fashion-independant style i’ve got going on now and i don’t think i could devote the energy into maintaining a specific “image” even if it were one i was nuts about. ganguro gals can be really cute and interesting to look at, but it’s just not me ♥

also despite the close correlation between japanese and vancouver fashion cultures, i think it’d still probably be mistaken for blackface by the vast majority of people. not to mention i don’t like tanning and bleaching a whole lot they make me feel crunchy and leathery =(

plus if i get any cuter it’d be dangerous !!! i’m liable to cause car accidents

Last night the was first for-real gallery show in a for-real gallery that my artwork was featured in ! And it was about as hilarious as I’d always dreamed it would be.

My dad wore a tuxedo to the event because he’s just supportive like that, it was amazing.

The artwork featured was all 70s-styled velvet paintings (as well as a velvet diorama and a pair of velvet gauntlets which were also superb), there was blaxploitation music and live bluegrass at the event, and here’s my contribution on the right:

I know I’ve posted up the in-progress version, but now she’s got rhinestones. Under the art lights they were blindingly dazzling, as is fitting.

tl;dr I lost my gallery virginity in the most wonderful way.

  • <jaminal> Xirre: i would rub the boob in my hands and suck the nipple give it a lil pinch and rest my face on it
  • <ServantOfDeath> xXSlowKillOverdoseXx: Ehehehe thanks
  • <jaminal> Xirre: does that sound like an activity we could partake in ?
  • <Xirre> jaminal: Don't suffocate lol
  • <CheckerCherries> goodness
  • <jaminal> Xirre: your bewbs r nice
  • <Xirre> jaminal: I prefer smaller boobs
  • <Xirre> jaminal: and thanks lol
  • <jaminal> Xirre: hmm smaller boobs on skinny girl with big bum yess.. sometimes if girls are really pretty with big boobs its hard to talk to them normally
  • <CheckerCherries> objectification is funny like that
  • <jaminal> Xirre: i like inteligent laid back girls with nice figre so wana go on a date lol
  • gee i wonder why this guy is date-starved

I’m watching animal crackers

I wonder if it was intentional that in the wooly mammoth episode when wooly steals dodo’s fudge out of the fridge and puts it in the suitcase, dodo’s line read

he packed my fudge!? I can’t BELIEVE he packed my fudge!!! now that hurts!

it went right over my head when I was 11, but…

I know I’ve plugged this before on Twitter, but I think it’s really important for all of you who are going to school (college/university) right now for arts or just want to try things out:

Autodesk gives out free software licenses for their products that last until you graduate if your school is eligible! This includes Maya and Sketchbook Pro and 3DSMax and all that cool stuff. ♥